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Magnesium Oxide bonded silicon carbide grinding block

  • Magnesite abrasive
  • Magnesite abrasive
  • Magnesite abrasive
  • Magnesite abrasive
  • Magnesite abrasive
Magnesite abrasiveMagnesite abrasiveMagnesite abrasiveMagnesite abrasiveMagnesite abrasive

Magnesite abrasive

  • Product description: Magnesite abrasive

Magnesium oxide bond silicon carbide abrasive is also addressed as normal abrasive,which is of the longest history and most mature material among hard and brittlematerials field,compatible with all polishing machine models for ceramictiles,man-madequartz,marble,granite and etc.Normal abrasive is characterized by excellnet sharpness,long lifetime,low composite cost,high capacity,even polishing effect,high gloss etc.


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